The sustainability journey of TAO Ambiente

The sustainability of TAO Ambiente is always a personal philosophy. It is part of our long-term development model which aims to maintain a harmonious balance with the surrounding environment and the community.
176 / 5.000 Since 2022, this commitment has materialized through two important actions: the first ESG Report drawn up together with Fortom Chimica and the EcoVadis sustainability assessment.

EcoVadis awarded TAO Ambiente with the gold medal, an award given to just over 15% of companies in our sector, almost never during the first year of evaluation.

Sustainability assessments certify our ability to generate new value on three fronts:

  1. E” for Environment: reduce the risks linked to climate change, limit CO2 emissions and improve the environmental impact
  2. “S” for Social: improve working conditions, guarantee gender equality, combat all forms of discrimination and contribute to the development of the territory and the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants
  3. “G” for Governance: making ethical decisions and behaviors regarding salaries, meritocracy, the valorization of good practices, shareholder rights and the fight against any form of corruption.

182 / 5.000 Starting a sustainability path in the chemical and industrial waste sector goes well beyond legal obligations and represents great added value for customers and suppliers. For this reason, partners who choose to include TAO Ambiente in their supply chain can improve their sustainability, environmental impact and image towards the market and stakeholders.

Consult the ESG Report

The transparency of the data that contributes to the creation of sustainability reports is fundamental. We at TAO Ambiente have decided to use blockchain technology to share data and information in a way:

1) Transparent: the blockchain is a public and decentralized ledger. The data, once notarized, is freely available

2) Immutable: Data in blockchain cannot be removed, deleted or replaced. Any possible modification reports the time stamp and the identity of the author

3) In real time: blockchain allows you to automate many processes thanks to the use of smart contracts. All data is available instantly.