Tao Ambiente – Settimo Milanese



Tao Ambiente plant of Settimo M.
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Waste storage and treatment platform

The Settimo Milanese operating site has been authorized by the region of Lombardy since 1999.
In 2021, Tao Ambiente obtained a new IPCC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) directive.

The history of the plant and its changes

TAO AMBIENTE srl started managing the storage centre activity in September 2017, and from March 2020 TAO AMBIENTE became the owner and holder of the license.
The platform is authorized for the storage and treatment of most types of waste present in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG.
Waste storage, treatment, repackaging, grouping and mixing operations are carried out in this plant, to make it recoverable or disposable with the lowest environmental impact possible.

The other types of waste, where possible, follow the same treatment, otherwise they are grouped by similar characteristics and sent to recovery treatment plants for subsequent more specialized processing.

The plant is authorized to collect “hydroreactive” and peroxide waste as it is equipped with dedicated areas for safe storage.

The plant is authorized to treat most of the waste found in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG.

Activities carried out in the waste storage plant

The plant is authorized for R3, R12, R13 and D13, D14, D15 recovery operations for disposal.
The site specializes in the management of:

  • laboratory reagents
  • waste chemicals
  • liquid and solid paints and sludge
  • solvents
  • cleaning, decontamination and
  • regeneration of packaging

The storage areas are equipped to receive waste on pallets or loose and some of them allow the storage of flammable waste and or the repackaging of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste.

The plant covers an area of approximately 5,000 square meters, of which nearly 3,000 are covered, with a total treatment capacity of 26,900 tonnes per year.