Tao Ambiente – Senago

Storage, treatment, recovery of industrial waste


Tao Ambiente Senago plant
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Industrial waste recovery and disposal platform

The Senago IPPC plant received its first authorization in 1997. In September 2020, TAO AMBIENTE srl began managing the activity of the storage center, becoming the owner and holder of the license. The platform is authorized to store and treat all types of waste present in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOGUE.

Recyclable waste disposal plant

In this plant, waste storage, treatment, repackaging, reconditioning and mixing operations are carried out in order to make it recoverable or disposable with the least environmental impact. The plant specializes in the management of paints and varnishes coming mainly from the separate waste collection of municipal platforms; Furthermore, it can receive types of waste, both on pallets and in bulk and has the function not only of storage but above all of a selection and sorting system for the other plants of the group or for third-party plants. The plant is also authorized for the collection of medical waste (ROT). Specifically, recovery operations R12, R13 and D13, D14, D15 for disposal are authorized. The plant covers an area of approximately 1,200 m2, of which almost 1,000 m2 are covered, with a total treatment capacity of 30,000 tons per year.

The other types of waste, where possible, follow the same treatment, otherwise they are grouped by similar characteristics and sent to recovery treatment plants for subsequent more specialized processing.

The plant is authorized to treat most of the waste found in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG.