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Fortom Chimica chemical waste treatment
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Fortom Chimica waste disposal from solvents

The operational site in Quinto Vicentino (VI) has been authorized by the region of Veneto with integrated environmental authorization. FORTOM CHIMICA srl has been operating since 1984. Since October 2020 TAO AMBIENTE srl is co-owner and manages its storage, regeneration and recovery of solvents, regeneration of oils, physical treatment of chemicals, amalgamations and mixing of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste.

The plant is authorized to treat most of the waste found in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG.

Solvent evaporation and distillation platform

The plant is authorized for the storage and treatment of most types of waste present in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG, regarding waste and production activities that generate waste with the presence of solvents.

Waste storage, treatment, repackaging, grouping and mixing operations are carried out in this plant to make it recoverable or disposable with the lowest environmental impact possible, specifically, solvents (R2) are recovered and regenerated through evaporation processes, concentration, distillation and fractionation, rectification, filtration, phase separation and centrifugation.

The activities carried out in the solvent treatment plant

In the plant, chemical-physical treatment (D9) is carried out on non-hazardous and hazardous liquid waste, through processes of filtration, centrifugation, stabilization with acids or bases, decantation and precipitation. The activities of amalgamation (D14) and mixing in derogation and not (D13) are also authorized through the operations of unpacking and repackaging, putting onto pallets and digging, pouring and emptying.