On Line Forms


To deliver their waste to our plants, the customer must first fill out and send the “Waste Approval Documentation” of the material and, once the offer has been accepted and the contract is signed, send the request for disposal.


The conformity must be completed specifying in detail the nature and composition of the waste.

Below are the documents that make up the “Documentation of Waste Conformity”:
Descriptive Sheet: this document must be filled in each time a new conformity is opened for transfer to Tao Ambiente.
Analysis and/or MSDS and/or Self-Declaration: the classification of the waste, in compliance with the new criteria introduced by the Reg. EU 1357/2014 and Decision n. 955/2014, can be made on the basis of existing and valid test reports, only reformulating the classification judgment on the basis of the new community legislation.
Alternatively, based on the existing and valid test report, it is possible to provide a self-certification relating to the HP hazard characteristics given to the waste in accordance with the new criteria.
In addition, for some waste, it is possible to provide, as an alternative to analytical certification, safety data sheets and / or a self-certification of non-hazardousness.

Below is the descriptive form to be completed in its entirety and the indications of the supplementary documents to close the approval process.

  1. The form must be completed to clearly identify the type of waste which must be as unambiguous as possible.
  2. Possible extension of validity beyond one year only with a declaration of unchanged production cycle.
  3. The analyses must be complete with the critical parameters for a correct classification, with the sampling report showing the sampling method used, the place, date and time and indicating who sampled (the sampler must be enabled for sampling per the method required).
    For some codes and types of non-hazardous materials, it is possible to “waive” the 6-month analysis required by the PMC with self-certification by the manufacturer.
  4. For unused goods in original packaging, safety data sheets may be used, which must be recent and complete.
  5. For some types of waste where it is difficult to carry out chemical analyses and / or find safety data sheets, it is possible to use a manufacturer’s declaration and / or, where possible, a product characterization to comply with the provisions of the PMC.

Disposal Request

Following the acceptance of Tao Ambiente’s economic proposal, for each disposal request it is necessary that the waste producer fill out an e-mail and send it to the following address programmazione@taoambiente.it. The “Waste transfer form” will specify: the type of waste to be collected and the relative C.E.R., the type of packaging and the physical state, the expected quantity and the requested date for the disposal and the type of transport.

Tao Ambiente, always close to its customers, provides technical-commercial support for the purpose of correct booking; the internal staff is available to assist the customer in filling out the necessary forms at mail programmazione@taoambiente.ito or at tel.039 6765344

Waste identification form filling out